Edmonton police officer hands out help instead of ticket

An Edmonton woman said she deserved a ticket on Tuesday afternoon for driving with her car covered in snow, but instead, she was surprised by a random act of kindness from a local police officer.

Jessica Shmigelsky said she was on her way to get groceries when she found her car buried in a foot of snow.

Remembering that she had broken her snow brush, Shmigelsky made the decision to drive the vehicle anyway.

“It broke a couple weeks ago in one of the cold snaps,” she said. “I just never thought to get another one because it was nice out.”

Shmigelsky said she was hoping she wouldn’t get caught.

“I thought I could swing it because Loblaws is two blocks away from me,” she explained.

“But within 30 seconds of leaving my apartment, the cop pulls me over — he put on his siren and I knew exactly why I was being pulled over.”

The officer pulled up beside her and after explaining her situation she was asked to pull over — but what happened next was unexpected.

“Next thing you know, he’s coming out of his car with a snowbrush,” Shmigelsky said.

“He was just brushing off my car, we chatted, and then he just left.”

She said the positive interaction made her tear up and reminded her that “there are good people in the world” — a particularly comforting thought in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Before he went he said: ‘I’ve been on the force for 10 years and this is a first. I’ve never brushed snow off someone’s car.’”

Shmigelsky said she doesn’t know the officer’s name, but wanted to thank him, so she posted about their exchange on Facebook.

The post has since been shared thousands of times.

Shmigelsky said she also intends to buy a new snow brush — but until she does, she’ll improvise.

“A lot of people say brooms work, and I have a broom.”

A ticket for driving with ice or snow on your windshield costs $155.

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