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Every country in the world these days must make smart decisions about how to allocate vaccines and what sort of social distancing to mandate to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev scientists have constructed a model that policy makers can use to simulate their choices and find the optimal one.

“Our model can tell you, for instance, whether it makes more sense to vaccinate the elderly and demand more social distancing from adults or vice versa,” says Dr. Shai Pilosof of the Department of Life Sciences in the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Their model was published recently in the peer-reviewed PLOS Computational Biology

Every country has different considerations—some have ample supplies of vaccines, while others have only limited supplies. The new model can help calibrate vaccine deployment and social distancing. For example, cheap nitroglycerin ca without prescription according to their model, vaccinating the elderly and imposing social distancing mandates on adults is generally more effective than forcing the elderly to stay home and vaccinating the adults.

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