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In the way that we check the ingredients in the food we buy, knowing what goes into our skincare can be a useful trick when trying to decide between those two moisturisers in Mecca. Sure, buy online flomax ca without prescription the creams you use may claim to be anti-ageing and promise to rewind the clock a few years, but how are they actually doing it? And what should we look out for to make sure these claims are actually true?

Well, in today’s edition of skincare dictionary, we look into one of the ingrediants claiming to do exactly that: Spin Trap.

And because the best place to start is with the experts, we spoke to registered medical practitioner, cosmetic physician and founder of DRSQ Skincare, Dr Saba Qutub, to find out why this antioxidant is an ingredient that should be on the back label.

“Spin trap certainly isn’t a new development in the skincare sphere, however it is only in recent years that it has been recognised for its unmistakable anti-ageing powers. Spin trap is a Nobel prize-winning antioxidant compound that is different from every other type of normal antioxidant we see promoted in our moisturisers, eye creams and face masks,” says Dr Qutub.

What is Spin trap?

Spin Trap is a novel skincare ingredient that is being used in a range of skincare treatments today. The spin trap is considered an ‘intelligent’ antioxidant because instead of destroying free radicals, it ‘traps’ them, converts them into harmless and useful oxygen, and then transports them back into the respiratory cycle. One of the common Spin trap used is Phenyl t-Butylnitrone or PBN, it is highly active oxygen and nitrogen complex.

What is the difference between the spin trap and antioxidants?

The spin trap works much differently than antioxidants in the way it interacts with free radicals. Spin trap traps free radicals or reactive oxygen species, transforms them into useful oxygen, then transports them back to the respiratory system where they can go to work. While on the other hand, Antioxidants chemically react with free radicals to convert the rogue oxygen molecules into water. Both spin trap and anti-oxidants are pivotal in cellular care, Antioxidants destructively deal with free radicals while spin traps constructively deal with them.

Why are they so good for our skin?

The spin trap is different from any other normal antioxidant as it not only neutralses free radicals, it is also able to convert them into cellular energy. This means it is particularly significant in skin rejuvenation and repair, as fighting free radical damage results in a reduction in premature aging and, therefore, fine lines and wrinkles.

What types of skincare would you find spin traps in?

Spin traps are used in advanced anti-aging serum, anti-wrinkle moisturizers, firming eye creams. One such example is DRSQ I-Magic eye serum with Spin Trap technology targeting under-eye fine lines, saggy skin, and darkness

Should we use antioxidants and Spin Trap together?

It’s important to note that although Spin Trap is such a wonderful ingredient, antioxidants should still be part of your skincare apothecary. They are still a vital part of the skin rejuvenation equation. However, when spin traps and antioxidants work in tandem, they create a powerful pro-youth duo.

When used in tandem, antioxidants will slow free radicals and cellular damage, while spin trap goes to work to correct or convert the oxygen molecules that have veered off course instead of eliminating them altogether.

Both support tissue repair, as well as firm, tone, tighten, and give skin an overall glow. 


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