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The author and chef revealed she was struggling after the birth of her second child Ryan, in 2015.

Ayesha Curry is speaking up about the real effects of postpartum depression. While it is common to express joy on social media and to loved ones after the birth of a child — in order to portray a picture of calm and stability — many mothers often ignore the warning signs of mental health.

Married to her high-school sweetheart Stephen Curry, Ayesha revealed that she was struggling after the birth of their second child Ryan, bactrim ds 80 400 in 2015.

In an episode of the Because Life podcast hosted by her sister-in-law Sydel Curry-Lee, the author and chef opened up about her mental health struggles and spoke about identifying feelings she later related to symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety.

“Looking back now, I can say without a shadow of doubt, I had postpartum depression with Ryan, but I didn’t know what that was at that time,” she said.

While the birth of a child is universally a happy occasion, there is often a lack of awareness about mental health concerns during pregnancy and motherhood. When conversations about mental health are hushed up, mothers are discouraged to share what they feel. In addition to the numerous extra responsibilities that come with being a parent, while dealing with physiological changes, often new mothers are also expected to resume work responsibilities.

Celebrities have often talked about the struggles of postpartum depression in India. Bollywood actor Neha Dhupia, in an interview with indianexpress.com, had shared how postpartum depression is a real thing, and how the guilt of a mother follows her as she leaves behind her child to go to work. “The guilt is the hardest part of being a new mom. It’s always the guilt that kills you. When I am standing at the door and my little one waves me bye-bye, it breaks my heart. Be vocal and talk to everyone about what you are feeling. I have always said it out aloud that postpartum depression is a real thing,” she had said.

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