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Coco Austin and husband Ice-T are celebrating their daughter Chanel’s 6th birthday! Austin shared an adorable birthday-themed photoshoot in a Nov. 29 Instagram post to observe her Chanel’s birthday, which was only a day prior.

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Austin’s series of colorful, bright photos feature a ton of pastel rainbow balloons and fringe — with a sweet, smiley Chanel posing next to a giant number six. “Someone turned 6 yesterday!!” Austin wrote in her Instagram caption. “Im so proud of how sweet,loving and kind girl she’s become ..I couldn’t ask for a better daughter. My bestie forever! …@babychanelnicole.” 

Austin has been the center of controversy time and again because of her parenting style, and some choices she’s made involving Chanel. The mom received major backlash after posting a photo of Chanel to her Instagram on school picture day. It was an adorable, pretty much ordinary school picture — except for the fact that Chanel was wearing nail extensions. “For the special occasion I let Chanel do mini tips to her nails..” Chanel wrote under the Sep. 23 Instagram post.. And not that it’s anyone’s business, acomplia online pharmacy without prescription but Austin’s choice to breastfeed then 5-year-old Chanel has also been scrutinized. “Chanel still likes my boobs, she’s 5 years old,” Austin told Us Weekly in a July 31 interview. “It’s a big bonding moment for a mother and your child.”

Despite any negativity regarding the way she and Ice-T parent, it’s refreshing to see Austin post about her daughter on social media, regardless of what others might say. It looks like Austin might be taking a page out of Ice-T’s playbook, similar to the antidote he shared in a Sep. 30 interview on The View: “Rule one on the internet: do not pay attention to anything anyone says on the internet.” 

Before you go, check out these beautiful breastfeeding protest pictures: 

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