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Used for: Dealing with frustration 

Frustration and disappointment, says Schoendorfer, can often be rooted in feeling stuck in some way.

“Banksias are good for bringing back enthusiasm. Banksia robur [also known as swamp banksia because it grows on creek banks] are good if you’re low on energy,” she adds. “Banksia tends to help people get out of stuck patterns and give them energy to walk forward in a whole new way.”


Pink Flannel Flower

Used for: Taking a  time-out

When you feel overwhelmed, Schoendorfer recommends this flower, which she describes as having “a real heart energy”. Found in select locations in the Blue Mountains and north east Victoria, diflucan iowa it’s “special because it only blooms periodically after fire and then a lot of rain,” she explains. “It brings that real [sense of] appreciation [and] also gratitude.”  


Sunshine Wattle

Used for: Tapping into optimism

Been flat chat for weeks and feeling less than zesty? Schoendorfer suggests this for busting through inertia. “I love sunshine wattle,” she says. “It brings optimism, joy and hope.” Want to reconnect with your inner drive? Mercanti recommends clematis. “It helps us to focus and feel grounded.” 



Used for: Clearing through mental fog

If you’re lacking motivation, try hornbeam, says Mercanti – these flowers are usually found in woodland and hang from the tree in spiky blooms. “Hornbeam gives emotional strength and mental energy so we can face any problem and enjoy what we are doing.” He also namechecks olive as “a powerful tonic that restores vitality and strength.”



Used for: A broken heart

Mercanti says it’s important to tune into your feelings and pick a remedy that fits your needs.

“Star of Bethlehem is soothing [and] provides comfort,” he says. Meanwhile, chicory is known to “help in overcoming any emotional attachment, so we can leave behind feelings of hurt and rejection.” Seems apt for a bright blue flower that grows in areas like roadside verges, bringing vibrance to places often overlooked. 



Used for: Finding some balance

Do you throw yourself into everything you do, so much so that you’re often left drained? Oak, reveals Mercanti, will help you balance this strong sense of duty, rebuild your strength and find time to enjoy life. Then there’s crab apple, which “increases broadmindedness and the ability to see things from a more balanced perspective.”


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