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Hannah Bronfman is loving the "amazing" journey of motherhood as she settles into her new role and cozy, chic nursery for her son.

The 33-year-old influencer and her husband, Brendan Fallis, became first-time parents when they welcomed their son, Preston Miles Thomas, buy cheap seroquel coupon without prescription in November. Wanting to enjoy some private time with their newborn, Bronfman didn't officially announce the arrival of her bundle of joy until December during an interview with former president Barack Obama.

Now, as the new mom juggles finding the balance between work-from-home maternity leave and motherhood duties, Bronfman is kicking off 2021 by spending a lot of quality time with Preston in his neutral-themed nursery.

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"We were really, really excited to make a nursery," Bronfman tells PEOPLE. "It's obviously something that goes along with having a kid, and I had always wondered with our house here what are we going to do? Or what is it going to look like?"

Going along with their modern farmhouse vibe, the new parents teamed up with Crate and Kids to create a dream nursery that reflected the "minimal aesthetic" of their Long Island, New York home.

"We wanted our nursery to feel like it went perfectly with our house. And so, the vibe is very neutral, airy … We have lots of neutral black and white tones throughout our house, and we really carried that over into the nursery."

She continues, "We were so excited to work with Crate and Kids. They had such a great offering of really sleek, modern furniture … and honestly, they had a few key pieces that I really wanted to just work the nursery around."

Ultimately, Bronfman and her husband "wanted to go for less of a kid scene, and more of just a chic space that we all felt really comfortable in."

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Noting one of her favorite pieces in the nursery, the mom highlighted the Crate and Kids' Leanne Ford Snoozer, a chic and cute ottoman that doubles as room storage.

"It's perfect, because not only can you sit on it if you need it, but it's also storage. And then I put little clips on top with a little stuffed animal, and it's right next to the rocking chair that I use to breastfeed," she explains, before describing her love for the nursery's main attraction: the crib.

"We actually didn't do co-sleeping. For naps, we'll do all together or him in our bed, but for nighttime sleep, we have him in his crib. He has been in his crib since the beginning. And now that he's almost eight weeks, we put a mobile over it and he just loves his crib," she says of the Black and Natural Thornhill Crib. "He's by no means sleep trained or anything like that, but he's starting to know that that's his place for his bedtime. I feel like when he goes to sleep there and wakes up there every morning, he starts to put in this sense of routine. And so, that's really nice."

In addition to talking about her sophisticated nursery, Bronfman also details what it is like to be a first-time mom. Calling the experience of motherhood "an incredible new journey" the HBFIT founder and activist also shares "challenges" she has faced.

"Everyone tells you what to expect. Like, 'You'll never love something more in your life' and you're like, 'Okay, I get it. I'm excited.' And then you have him, and you're like, 'Oh my God.' It's so true," she says. "It becomes a whole different thing. I mean, the early weeks definitely have presented their challenges and their learnings, but it's so rewarding. It's just a wild rollercoaster of emotions."

She continues, "I would say that for me, the most challenging part about [becoming a mom] I think was my time management. I don't think I gave myself the space — because I run my own business — I didn't really put this real emphasis on taking maternity leave."

But the little moments with her son have outweighed any kind of challenges.

"I found it easy actually to really just be fully in the moment … cozied up and not leaving your house, the days blend together because it just is you doing the same thing over and over again, but it's amazing. I think I was surprised by how easy I adapted to that lifestyle," Bronfman explains.

"It has frustrating days but it's just an incredible new journey," she adds. "And at the end of the day, your baby does one cute thing, and you forget that he pooped on you five minutes ago."

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