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YouTuber and professional distance runner Elijah Orr has tried all kinds of physical challenges on his channel before, including emulating the workouts of Olympic athlete Mo Farah and the famously fit-as-hell Navy SEAL David Goggins. In his most recent video, Orr goes where several other influencers have gone (and nearly puked) before, and takes on the physical fitness test (PFT) used by the U.S. Marine Corps.

The test consists of:

Orr starts with the pushups. He needs a minimum of 5 reps to get a passing score, while 23 would earn him top marks. He manages to complete 20 consecutive reps in 50 seconds, before dropping from the bar.

While most other YouTubes who have participated in the test opted for 2 minutes of crunches, Orr chooses to go with a plank for the second round. “I’m way better at planks than I am at crunches,” he says. “And I think it’ll just be a cool change of scene.” He succeeds in holding a front plank for 4 minutes 20 seconds, earning him the maximum score for this portion of the test.

“That got really tough at the end,” he says. “I was definitely trembling a lot.”

The third and final event is the 3-mile run. And unlike some of the bodybuilders who have tried this test before, valium 2mg tablet Orr isn’t concerned about the running portion of the test; that’s his bread and butter, after all. He needs an 18-minute time to secure a 100-point score. And even after slightly overshooting the distance and running 3.01 miles, he still completes the run in 17 minutes 31 seconds. This earns him a total score of 290 out of a possible 300; a “first class” result.

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