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An NHS worker who was embarrassed when someone asked if she was pregnant while wearing her scrubs has lost seven stone.

Hannah Stewart, 42, lost the pounds and went from XXL-sized scrubs to a medium.

The mum-of-two used to binge on sugary cereal and biscuits for breakfast, buttery sandwiches for lunch and bowls of pasta with jars of sauce for dinner.

Hannah, a senior clinical photographer, from Birmingham, weighed 21 stone at her heaviest and decided to make a change.

After falling asleep at her desk, Hannah knew she had to make a change and set a good example to her children and patients – so she overhauled her diet in May 2017.

She ate nutritious foods like fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, and rice, cheap indocin couscous and vegetables for lunch and dinner.

Hannah has gone from a size 24 to a 12.

Hannah said: ‘My patients and colleagues used to ask me if I was pregnant and when the baby was due.

‘I used to laugh it off, but deep down I was absolutely mortified. I’d say “no, I’m just fat” but it made me feel awful.

‘Inside it was crushing and mentally it would really upset me, and it happened quite a lot.

‘I hurt everywhere and I just thought “enough is enough”. I need to be healthy for my children.’

Hannah also wanted to get fitter for her daughters as she could feel her size was putting a strain on her body and making her asthma and sleep apnea worse.

She recalls a time at a theme park where she wasn’t able to get on the ride due to her size, which left her humiliated.

In May 2017, Hannah joined Slimming World and found it helped her eat a better diet and encouraged her to start pilates and walk as much as she could.

‘It’s amazing what I can eat, I’m never hungry and I still fill up on carbs,’ she added.

‘It’s any meat without fat, rice, couscous, pasta, potatoes and then you have to have salad and vegetables to speed up your metabolism.

‘I also always eat yoghurt and fruit for breakfast as it’s so important and I do a lot of homemade soups for lunch.

‘Then in the evening, I can have a couple of treats to stop any cravings.

‘I also do pilates which has strengthened my core a lot and walk as much as I can which I increased at the start of the first lockdown.

‘I used to struggle to even walk to the front of the hospital from my car. I feel great now.’

Hannah continued: ‘I get members of staff asking “where have you gone?” and accepting those compliments is a new thing for me so it’s really lovely.

‘Now I can slip into a size medium scrubs – and thankfully no patients or colleagues are mistaking me as pregnant anymore.’

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