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Gabrielle Union may be a renowned actress and Dwyane Wade is a three-time NBA champion, but neither of them are a solid match for their 4-year-old daughter Kaavia James. The trio had a dance party (calling it a competition would just be mean to Kaavia’s parents), and the little girl busted out some serious moves in a new video shared to Instagram.

Dressed in leather tights, white tennis shoes, and a black t-shirt, paroxetine tinnitus Kaavia shows her parents some moves in the living room. The Strange World star is wearing a white robe, matching headband, and cozy slippers, while Wade is also dressed casually in a flannel shirt, sweatpants, and slippers. They try to keep up with the little girl, and it’s hilarious.

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At first, Kaavia wiggles her arms and legs in a basic move that’s not too difficult for Mom and Dad. But then, Kaavia drops it to her knees and leans back, putting her arms on the floor behind her. She then effortlessly gets up and keeps dancing — and my knees are hurting just watching the video!

Union and Wade stare at their little girl (likely in disbelief at this impressive dance), then slowly turn and dance/walk away. You can practically hear them thinking, “Nah!” as soon as they saw this move.

The cute video was posted to Kaavia’s Instagram account, which is run by her parents. It’s captioned: “When you have old parents you gotta trick em to stay limber. My work is never done. #ShadyBaby”

We are dying — this is so true! “The dance competition was over the minute those knees touched 🙌,” one person commented. “Well done for the respectable walkoff tho 🔥😂.”

One thing about Union and Wade: they know their limits!

“Well it’s clear who won the #goodkneeschallenge,” another said, before offering Shady Baby a new nickname. “Kaavia ‘RubberLegs’ Wade will prevail every time!😍😍”

Someone else wrote, “She too advanced for her parents. She ain’t got time. 😂😂” Ah, when your kids surpass you…at 4! It’s tough out there for parents of queens, OK?

“Forever outperforming and doing the most! ❤️” another said about Kaavia. It’s so true. She recently challenged a man to a dance battle (while wearing perfect pink Crocs!) and won by a mile. Between the twirl and the leg kick, she was on fire!

It’s clear Kaavia is going to keep her dancing queen title for a long time.

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