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  • Heidi Klum, 48, shared a new Instagram photo wearing an almost-NSFW crop top and bikini bottoms.
  • The supermodel’s bod is looking super toned, especially her abs and legs.
  • After turning 40, Heidi says she stays fit by working out daily and avoiding carbs.

Fact: At 48, Heidi Klum just may be the fittest she’s ever been. Need proof? Just check out this lil’ photo she recently dropped on Instagram.

In the pic, Heidi is wearing a crop top, black bikini bottoms, and a belly chain. She’s working some serious underboob and her abs…OMG. The mom of four definitely has a six pack. (Talk about sculpted!)

“Good luck today Germany 🇩🇪, taken 4 naproxen ” she wrote in the caption, referencing the German national soccer team’s match against France in the UEFA Euro 2020. Heidi turned the comments of her post off but, if they were on, I’m 99.9% sure they’d be flooded with fire emojis. Because, hello.

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Heidi later shared snaps on her Instagram Stories of herself watching the game in the same crop top and a pair of cut-off shorts, and wowzer—her legs look super toned, too.

Heidi has been known as “the body” her whole career, and she works hard to keep it strong. She’s a longtime running fan, telling Women’s Health that she’s really into pounding the pavement. “I don’t love running on a treadmill,” she said. “I really prefer to be outside or get my exercise in while playing with my kids. But sometimes, after I’ve run those two miles and I check it off the list, I’m happy I took the time.”

Heidi also gets her heart rate up by doing activities like biking, dancing, and jumping on a trampoline with her kids, she told Women’s Health UK.

While she used to have a more structured workout plan, Heidi now just tries to exercise every day. “Your metabolism definitely changes when you turn 40,” she told Women’s Health UK. “I always thought, “That’s not going to happen to me.’ But it is happening to me. If I indulge more, I have to exercise more. I’ve figured out what works for me.”

Heidi tries to eat healthy on the regular, telling Women’s Health UK that she usually avoids carbs. “There’s pasta, bread, chicken, fish and vegetables,” she says. “I’ll eat everything but the pasta and bread. Do I want pasta? I do. I choose not to eat it.”

But, while Heidi tries to eat well, she told Women’s Health that she’s “not a fan” of depriving herself. “I believe that if you want to eat a cheeseburger, you should eat that cheeseburger and enjoy it,” she said. “The key to being healthy is moderation.”

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