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If you’re very much into working out from home since COVID hit, maybe it’s time to invest in a piece of equipment that offers tons of workouts, one-on-one training, and looks like some chic-ass home decor. I’m talking about the Mirror, guys.

It’s a high-key splurge, but right now the company is offering $350 off when you use the code NEWYEARS21at checkout. Just a heads up: This deal will most likely be gone before February 1st.

If you’re curious, liver side effect lipitor prognosis here’s how this magical thing works. When you swipe the screen, The Mirror turns into a device (kinda like a giant smartphone) that brings you both pre-recorded and live workout classes, like yoga, HIIT, strength, dance, boxing, barre, stretching, and guided meditation. It also has a built-in camera that gives you instant feedback on your form and allows an actual trainer to see how you’re doing during a live class or one-on-one training (that’s extra, but it’s pretty cool).

If you need someone to help you justify this large purchase, I gotchu. Just think about the money you’ll save on boutique fitness classes and gym memberships over the next few years. And if you’re just starting your fitness ~journey~ it might help you improve your form and challenge yourself like a personal trainer would (and you can pay extra for an actual personal trainer to work with you through the device if you want).

Finally, there’s a 30-day free trial. So you can try it to be sure you’re ready to drop all that money. Seems like a safe bet to me!

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