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France — In light of the French International Prison Observatory’s (OIP) report published last summer on the findings of a months-long inquiry concerning access to specialist care in prison, we

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The same complex genetics that contribute to a higher risk of type 2 diabetes may also increase the risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy among women of South Asian descent,

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Accumulation of toxic aggregates of the beta-amyloid proteins in certain brain regions is often linked to the decline in cognitive function characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease. Studies suggest that impaired clearance

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Hope for long Covid sufferers as new study will trial Pfizer’s antiviral Paxlovid in patients left with lingering symptoms months later 100 people who have had long Covid symptoms for

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How CAN Christian Eriksen still play football? Danish star has a matchbox-sized defibrillator pacing his heart after suffering life-threatening cardiac arrest last time he played for the Danes in a

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When Rob Deutsch, founder of fitness giant F45, exited the company in 2019 ahead of its listing on the stock market, he was planning to retire in Queensland and maybe