Anderson warns Labour will ‘beg’ to rejoin EU after Lammy lets slip ‘priority’

Grant Shapps says that Starmer wants to ‘reopen’ Brexit

Lee Anderson warned Labour would “beg” to rejoin the EU after David Lammy said the bloc will be the party’s “number one priority” for foreign policy.

The shadow foreign secretary said Labour will look to “reconnect us with the global community” because “Britain’s reputation is on the floor”.

Mr Lammy – who backed Remain and a second referendum – said Brussels will be the “number one priority” in terms of rebuilding relationships with international allies after Brexit.

The Labour frontbencher told Politics Home: “We’ve been clear that we are not entering back into the single market, but clearly, there’s much that we can do in partnership with the EU.”

But Conservative Party deputy chairman Mr Anderson insisted only the Tories can be “trusted to protect Brexit”.

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The Ashfield MP told “Labour has admitted that their number one priority is to beg the EU to allow us back crawling on our hands and knees into their political union.

“Sir Keir spent years trying to block Brexit and overturn the largest democratic vote in this country’s history – and still can’t get over his EU obsession.

“Only the Conservative government can be trusted to protect Brexit and deliver on the issues that matter to real people. Halving inflation. Growing the economy. Reducing debt. Cutting waiting lists. Stopping the boats.”

It comes as Sir Keir Starmer has insisted a Labour government would not force the UK back into the EU.

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But the Labour leader, who attempted to frustrate Brexit 48 times in the Commons, has claimed a better trade deal is needed.

Writing in the Express last month, he said: “Express readers deserve their politicians to be clear about where they stand. So let me spell it out simply.

“Britain’s future is outside the EU. Not in the single market, not in the customs union, not with a return to freedom of movement. Those arguments are in the past, where they belong.

“But they also expect politicians to be honest. There is no point pretending everything is working fine.

“The paper-thin Tory deal has stifled Britain’s potential and hugely weighted trade terms towards the EU.

“Every day it isn’t built upon, our European friends and competitors aren’t just eating our lunch – they’re nicking our dinner money as well.”

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