Biden hints at ‘stealthy trade deal’ with UK saying there’s ‘no country closer’

President Biden momentarily forgets Rishi Sunak’s job title

Rishi Sunak and Joe Biden hinted at a pathway to a UK/ US trade deal by stealth as they unveiled a series of deals after bilateral talks in Washington DC today concluding in the Atlantic Declaration.

US President emphasised his commitment to the UK/ US special relationship saying “it is a special relationship there are no country closer to us than Great Britain.”

He added that the two countries is based on “an unshakable foundation”.

Challenged by the BBC on why there is not a full trade deal with the UK and US yet, Mr Sunak pointed out that the Atlantic Declaration is “the first of a kind agreement in which we can succeed.”

He pointed out that the two countries are seeking ways to remove economic barriers and the deals will “improve economic security.”

He pointed out that £14 billion of US investment in Britain in recent weeks supporting thousands of jobs.

He went on: “The economic relationship between our two countries has never been stronger. The relationship is booming.

“Our agreement today is focussed on the particular challenges we are in.”

President Biden hailed the deal on the two countries working together on critical materials for renewable technology.

He added: Cooperating on data and AI provides limitless possibilities. But we need to progress with it with great care.

“We are looking to Great Britain to lead the effort [to work on AI].”

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Mr Biden said: “We are also addressing national security risks based on technology.”

He made a point on how he had told President Xi in China that he was blocking technological developments going to China.

Biden described AI as being “close to science fiction” and said there has “never been in the history of human endeavour has there been such technological change.

“There is no country we have greater faith in to negotiate our way through this is the Prime Minister.”

President Biden also hinted that he may support UK defence secretary Ben Wallace as NATO general secretary but emphasised that would “be a collective decision for NATO.”

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