Boris Johnson approval rating crashes as Tories hit by election warning – latest polls

Boris Johnson's approval rating discussed by polling expert

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The Prime Minister’s fervent backing of the Leadsom Amendment in Parliament showcased a Government aiming to subvert independent scrutiny. Tories voted to reject Parliament’s cross-party Committee on Standards, which found Mr Paterson made “egregious” breaches of lobbying laws when he accepted money from private firms. While Mr Paterson will depart the political scene, avoiding an official reprimand in Parliament, Mr Johnson now faces the righteous fury of the electorate.

According to a recent poll of 1,840 people between November 5 and 6 from Opinium, commissioned by the Observer, the Prime Minister is in hot water.

His approval rate has collapsed to its lowest level as the Paterson scandal filters through to the general public.

Over the last week, he has lost four approval points, dropping from an already low total of -20 to -16.

That total marks a new low for the Prime Minister, who previously bottomed out at -18.

And he has brought his party with him, with polls suggesting the Conservatives are also losing ground in general.

The scandal is allowing Labour to gain some vital ground.

The first party poll conducted after the debacle shows the Tories are losing momentum.

The governing party now has a slim one-point lead over Labour, with 37 percent to 36 percent.

Sir Keir Starmer, who is currently isolating following a positive Covid test, has become newly appealing to voters.

Mr Johnson has lost his sheen among potential Prime Ministerial candidates, with only 28 percent of voters convinced he would do the best job.

The figure shows his support has caved by nine points from 37 percent since the last poll.

The Leader of the Opposition is steadily rising to meet him.

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Sir Keir is trailing by just two points on 26 percent, having gained four in the latest adjusted polls.

Despite his recent isolation, Sir Keir has the Prime Minister on the back foot.

He and the Labour Party have conducted a carefully coordinated campaign taking a no-nonsense approach to the Conservatives.

Over the last few days, he and his deputies have explicitly called out “corruption” in the party.

The leader recently touched on unconfirmed reports – which Number 10 refused to deny – Tory whips had threatened MPs with reduced constituency funding if they resisted last week’s vote.

He claimed in a tweet that Mr Johnson was “willing to take money from your schools, your hospitals and your high streets” to cover up corruption in his party.

His narrative has filtered down to the public, with the same Opinium poll finding that 39 percent of people believe a Conservative Government is more corrupt, compared to 14 percent saying the same of Labour.

But 26 percent of respondents said they believed both parties would run corrupt governments.

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