Boris Johnson praises Germany as he admits huge UK failings ‘We’ve got to be honest!’

Boris Johnson outlines plans to help UK 'level up'

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During his levelling up speech in Coventry, Boris Johnson outlined the “astonishing fact” that what was previously East Germany has now surpassed the northeast of the United Kingdom in GDP per capita. The Prime Minister added that Germany has succeeded in levelling up where the UK has not.

Mr Johnson said: “It is an astonishing fact that 31 years after German unification, per capita GDP of the northeast of our country, of Yorkshire, East Midlands, Wales and Northern Ireland is now lower than what was the former East Germany.

“We have got to be honest with ourselves, to a large extent Germany has succeeded in levelling up where we have not.

“It is vital to understand these imbalances and inequalities are found within the regions of the UK not just between them.”

He added: “We do not need to look at what has happened in the old East Germany that has overtaken parts of our country.

“We can look at our own history and the ability for places to recover and regenerate without natural resources, without discovering gold or oil under their streets.”

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