Boris Johnson speech backfires as Brexiteers snub his remarks

Boris Johnson’s speech has appeared to have backfired as Brexiteers have snubbed the former PM’s remarks. During a speech at a global soft power summit in Westminster, the former PM revealed he will “find it very difficult” to vote for the agreement his successor but one struck with the EU. But a source close to the ERG – which is currently weighing up whether or not to support Mr Sunak’s deal – told the Daily Express the speech “doesn’t change anything”.

They accused Mr Johnson of “playing the wind” and “sitting on the fence”, after he criticised Rishi Sunak’s Brexit deal.

The source said the former PM’s address was “classic Boris”, adding that they were “not surprised at all” that he made the intervention.

They continued: “I won’t be surprised if he will be looking closely at the ERG’s verdict. But I’d hope that’s the same for most people”.


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