Boris urged to make strategic call to Biden or Democrat will snub UK to favour Merkel

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The warning comes from former British Ambassador to the US Lord Darroch who told BBC Newsnight on Friday that Boris Johnson should use his opportunity to call Joe Biden if he is elected next US President to reassure him on the UK’s role in the fight against climate change and the Brexit negotiations with the EU. Lord Darroch said: “He will get the opportunity to call Biden in the next few days to congratulate him. The risk is that he just uses that as an opportunity to say well done, wasn’t it close, very exciting, and that’s it.

“I think it’s important he uses it to remind Biden of why the UK counts. And there are two things to add: one is we are chairing, hosting the international climate change UN conference next year, Biden will take America back into the Paris climate change deal and we can say to him ‘work with us to shape the outcome of this crucial conference’.

He added: “The other point I would like Boris Johnson to make in his first conversation with Biden is ‘we’re going to do a deal with the EU and we want an amicable, constructive arrangement in the future’.

“If we are in no deal territory, we are in a bad place. Especially if we also try to unilaterally rewrite the withdrawal agreement, and then there is honestly no chance of a UK-US free trade deal.

“Even if President Biden wanted it, Democrats in Congress would block it.”

Asked whether Biden will make his first call to German Chancellor Angela Merkel over Boris Johnson, he replied: “I think it’s quite likely.

“He’s not a fan of Brexit and I think Democrats think that Boris Johnson has been a little too pally with Donald Trump.

“I think we’ll need to eat a bit of humble pie and take our place in the queue.”

Democratic candidate Joe Biden said his party was “going to win this race”.

Speaking in Wilmington, Delaware, just before 11pm on Friday local time, he said: “We don’t have a final declaration, a victor yet, but the numbers tell us a clear and convincing story.

“We’re going to win this race, just look at what has happened since yesterday.

“24 hours (ago), we were behind in Georgia, now we’re ahead, and we’re going to win that state.

“24 hours ago, we were behind in Pennsylvania and we are going to win Pennsylvania. Now we’re ahead, we’re winning in Arizona, winning in Nevada, in fact our lead just doubled in Nevada.”

He continued: “We’re on track to 300 electoral college votes, and look at the national numbers.

“We’re going to win this race with a clear majority with a nation behind us.”

“We’ve gotten over 74 million votes, that’s more than any presidential ticket has ever gotten in the history of the United States of America,” Mr Biden added.

“And our vote total is still growing. We’re beating Donald Trump by over four million votes and that’s a margin that’s still growing as well.

“I know watching these vote tallies on TV moves very slow and as slow as it goes it can be numbing.

“But never forget the tallies aren’t just numbers, they represent votes and voters, men and women who exercised their fundamental right to have their voice heard.

“And what’s becoming clear each hour is that a record number of Americans of all races, faiths, religions chose change over more of the same.

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“They’ve given us a mandate for action, on COVID, the economy, climate change, systemic racism.”

Mr Biden finished with an appeal for calm.

He said: “I know tensions can be high after a tough election like the one we’ve had. But we need to remain calm. Patient. And let the process work out as we count all the votes.

“We are proving again what we have proved for 244 years in this country: Democracy works. Your vote will be counted.

“I don’t care how hard people try to stop it. I will not let it happen.

“No matter who you voted for, I’m certain of one thing: The vast majority of the 150 million Americans who voted want to get the vitriol out of our politics. We’re certainly not going to agree on a lot of the issues but we can at least agree to be civil to one another.

“We have to put the anger – and the demonisation – behind us.”

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