Brexit LIVE: Look at EU! Brexiteer sends warning letter to Biden after White House leak

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A trade deal with the US remains one of the most important agreements for the UK but warnings leaked from Washington appear to indicate a lack of interest on that side of the Atlantic. Ahead of trade negotiations, Brexiteer and Tory MP for Wokingham, Sir John Redwood, warned the President-elect about the UK’s need to become an independent nation away from the EU and dismissed US concerns over the Good Friday Agreement (GFA). Writing in his blog, Sir John insisted the UK does not wish to violate the GFA following Mr Biden’s trade deal warning earlier this year. Sir John said: “I must stress that the UK does uphold the GFA in Northern Ireland.

As we leave the EU we have no plans to impose a hard border between the UK and the Republic of Ireland, contrary to false EU rumours.

“It is the EU which seems to be planning new border controls on their side of the border which you may like to take up with them. 

“As such we can be of more assistance in world trade and foreign policy matters, and look forward to working with you where our views and policies align.”

Earlier this year, Mr Biden warned any UK-US trade deal would not be agreed if a hard border was imposed on Ireland due to the Internal Market Bill. 

Not only is Mr Biden not a supporter of Brexit but according to an adviser within his campaign, the new President-elect is not prioritising a UK trade deal. 

Despite the UK’s need for a trade deal with the US, one advisor told The Daily Telegraph Mr Biden will not be looking to secure a trade agreement with UK any time soon. 

They said: “No, definitely not in the first 100 days.” 

The two sides have held preliminary talks this year but a deal is not expected to be agreed until next year, due to the US election this month. 


7.48am update: Keir Starmer piles on the pressure for Boris Johnson 

Writing in The Guardian today, the leader of the Opposition has claimed Joe Biden will not take a good view of any attempt to break international in reference to the UK Internal Market Bill. 

He said: “We will soon have a President in the Oval Office who has been a passionate advocate for the preservation of the Good Friday agreement.

“He, like governments across the world, will take a dim view if our prime minister ploughs ahead with proposals to undermine that agreement.

“If the government is serious about a reset in its relationship with the US, then it should take an early first step and drop these proposals.”

Sir Keir also stated the UK must continue to work with nations across the world to strike ambitious trade deals. 

7.20am update: Joe Biden sent Brexit warning 

Following his election victory, Mr Biden has been warned the UK will not look to violate the Good Friday Agreement in Ireland by Tory MP Sir John Redwood. 

Amid Mr Biden’s claims a UK-US trade deal would not progress if a hard border was installed in Ireland, Sir John welcomed any future US-UK trade deal and insisted the two still remain close allies. 

He said in his blog: “I must stress that the UK does uphold the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland. 

“As such we can be of more assistance in world trade and foreign policy matters, and look forward to working with you where our views and policies align.”

Despite the level of trade with the US, some have also stated the new President-elect will not be prioritising any trade deal with the UK following his election triumph. 

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