Brexit LIVE: Remainer plot EXPOSED as ‘Whitehall shenanigans’ used to punish team Leave

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Kate Hoey, Labour MP for Vauxhall between 1989 and 2019, has suggested the partygate fallout is being weaponised by Remainers. Speaking in the House of Lords, she said: “I think outside this place, and perhaps some elements of the media that many elements of the public -probably the majority of the public – want to draw a line under all this so we can move on so we can get on with the issues that are really effecting the country. But can I ask the noble lady, does she agree with me that there will be some people who will never ever give up criticising the Prime Minister because they don’t like the fact he took us out of the European Union?” Sharing the moment on Twitter, she added: “There are those who are using the Whitehall shenanigans just to try to bring Boris Johnson down because of Brexit.”


Truss breaks silence after ‘outrageous’ US comment

Chief Brexit negotiator Liz Truss has spoken out after US Congressman Richard Neal’s “outrageous” comments on the Northern Ireland Protocol row.

The Foreign Secretary said the UK does not want to scrap the protocol but “fix the issues” instead.

She said communities in Northern Ireland are “not feeling respected” following a visit to “restore the balance between the communities and restore the working of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement”.

The comments come after Mr Neal suggested the problems surrounding the protocol were “manufactured issues” during his visit to Northern Ireland.

DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson was quick to brand the trip as “terrible” and his comments as “outrageous”.

EU red tape unravels as fruit and vegetables riddled with toxins

Fruit and veg produced in the European Union are STILL riddled with dangerous chemicals, flying in the face of repeated pledges by member states to phase them out.

The startling revelation was contained in a report published by the Pesticide Action Network (PAN-Europe) this week revealing almost a third of apples and nearly half of all blackberries analysed had traces of chemicals used in the most toxic types of pesticides, linked to cancers, cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

And former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib said the concerning statistics proved why Britain’s decision to quit the bloc was the right one all along.

The analysis, based on almost 100,000 samples, highlights a 53 percent increase in contamination by the most hazardous pesticides found in fruit over the period 2011-2019.

Toxic substances found in kiwi fruit rocketed from four percent over the eight year period, with more than half of the cherries likewise contaminated in 2019.

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