Brexit nightmare: ‘Barrel load’ of Leave voters abandon Boris as party ‘weakened’

Irish MP blasts Tory Brexit fail

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Sir John Curtice told the Tory vote has gone down “primarily among leave voters”. He explained that Leave voters are traditionally less loyal to the Conservative party, as many had previously never voted for the Tories before the 2016 referendum. This comes after Mr Johnson’s party suffered a bruising result in the local elections last week.

The party lost almost 500 seats and lost control of 11 councils across the UK.

It shed support primarily to the Liberal Democrats in southern England and lost key London councils to Labour.

The party also took hits in Scotland and Wales, where the SNP and Labour won seats respectively.

Sir John said many of these losses came from people who voted leave in 2016.

He said that this group of people were “pushed” by damaging events such as Partygate, the cost of living crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking to about the election results, Sir John said: “It’s because the Remain / Leave divide has narrowed so much.

“If you look at the opinion polls, the Labour party has gained a lot more ground among leave voters than remain voters.

“The Tories have lost a barrel-load of leave voters.

“Back in the general election, they were getting 75 percent plus of those who voted leave in 2016.

“That’s where the losses have come from.”

He added: “At every point in this parliament when the Tory vote has gone down, it’s gone down primarily among leave voters.

“The Leave end of the coalition is the less loyal end of the coalition because it contains a disproportionate number of people who’ve never voted Tory before.

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“Therefore, these people are going to be more fragile.

“When the government was in trouble over Covid in the autumn of 2020, it was among leave voters that its vote went down.

“And Partygate and the cost of living crisis has pushed it.

“Essentially it’s to do with the fact that these are the folk who have to be constantly persuaded that to vote conservative is a good idea.

“That’s proving difficult to do.”

Numerous Brexit strongholds, such as Rochford and South Tyneside, turned their backs on the Tory party in the local elections.

In Rochford, which saw 60 percent of people vote to leave the EU in 2016, the Conservative party lost six seats.

In their place, the Lib Dems picked up two seats and the independents picked up four.

Meanwhile, in South Tyneside, Labour held the seat, with the Green party making gains in three seats.

In 2016, South Tyneside was a Brexit stronghold, with 62.0 percent of the votes going to Leave.

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