‘Bring back Tony Blair!’ Arch-Rejoiner Adonis calls for ex-Labour chief 2024 election run

Adonis says UK should negotiate ‘closer relationship’ with EU

However, his comments triggered a scathing response on social media, with one Twitter user suggesting he was “drenched in stupidity” and another remarking: “It’s not the 90s anymore.” Labour peer Lord Adonis was a prominent campaigner for a second referendum, as well as being a prominent critic of Brexit in the wake of the UK’s decision to quit the bloc.

Having served as Tony Blair’s head of policy, he has stayed aligned with him ever since, as well as having been highly critical of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Today he tweeted: “If the next election is in 2024, Tony Blair will be the only Labour leader in 50 years to have won an election. Bring him back!”

Lord Adonis’s post failed to convince too many Twitter users.

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One replied: “It’s not the 90s anymore, and a lot of the distrust in politics, media, is, unfortunately, partly Blair’s legacy.

“New Labour were the first to refuse to go on serious news programmes.”

Danny Hodson remarked: “Honestly this sort of stuff isn’t helpful and it’s drenched in stupidity.”

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Glenys Thornton said: “Andrew we need to move forward not look backwards, as much as I admire TB. Your constant nostalgia is not helpful.”

Phil Jones said: “Bringing Blair back, or returning to Blair, even if it was a reality is not the answer in my opinion, and it feels very tragic even considering it.”

John Chambers quipped: “I was just thinking that @Andrew_Adonis hadn’t tweeted about Blair today, and how nice that was, and then…”

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Meanwhile Dennis Richards suggested the former Premier would forever be haunted by his support for former President George Bush’s decision to topple Saddam Hussein.

He said: “Sadly Andrew his day is gone. It was a golden age for education and social justice but religious fanaticism in Iraq did for him.

“He clearly was not aware that the feud between fundamentalist Sunni and Shia was as bitter and fanatical as once was Catholic v Protestant in Belfast.”

Another Twitter user agreed, adding: “Andrew, for all his qualities he’ll never wash away the stain of Iraq. Look at what we’ve done to that region. The death, pain, despair.

“He really shouldn’t be near politics ever again.”

Lord Adonis remains a committed europhile and earlier this month he threw his weight behind a campaign to rejoin the EU.

On New Years’ Day, he tweeted: I don’t mourn Brexit, looking backwards. I want to reverse it, looking forwards.”

Hours later, in response to a post by the European Movement UK, he added: “The campaign to rejoin Europe starts today.

“Here is how you can get involved – come and join us!”

Speaking to Express.co.uk in 2018 in response to a speech by Lord Adonis in which he suggested Sir Winston Churchill would have been a Remainer, Jeremy Hosking, founder of who the Brexit Express pressure group, said: “Like many Continuity Remainers, Lord Adonis likes to live in a world constructed to support his own views.

“This speech is littered with the evidence.

“Everybody else is a liar – while the lurid overstatements of Project Fear are overlooked.”

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