‘Britain first, last and always!’ EU chiefs mocked over ’embarrassing’ rant about Frost

Brexit: Expert discusses 'success' for the UK government

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UK and EU negotiators will kick-start a fresh round of negotiations on Monday to try to find a resolution to the ongoing situation in Northern Ireland. Lord Frost, who led the UK’s negotiations on Brexit, has been appointed as a full member of the Boris Johnson Cabinet and will take control of talks.

Don’t give into them at all. Hard negotiations are what is needed. Britain first, last and always

Express.co.uk reader

He took a tough stance against the bloc throughout the Brexit trade talks and refused to cave in on the UK’s demands to take back control of its money, laws and borders.

One EU diplomat accused Lord Frost of being confrontational.

The official said: “The EU and UK relationship is in dire need of more consensus. Unfortunately, Lord Frost is, so far, better known for confrontation.”

But the complaints, reported by Express.co.uk, were rejected by furious readers.

One said: “Frosty will tell the EU how it is rather than what they want to hear, but he’ll do it in his understated manner.

“I’m pleased that he’s been brought back to deal with the EU.

“We need someone who is not afraid to stand up to them.

“Let’s hope he can get some movement on Northern Ireland and fish, if not then it’s probably time to rip up the Northern Ireland Protocol.”

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Another Express.co.uk reader said: “Quote: ‘Unfortunately, Lord Frost is, so far, better known for confrontation’.

“Meaning he doesn’t meekly bow down or kow tow to their wishes.”

Another said: “EU is like a bad marriage where one will not let go.

“Let this be a big lesson to the rest of EU members, except Germany and France who behave in a disgusting manner. Their motto is ‘what is your is mine and what is mine is mine alone’.

“Surely their respective populations are totally embarrassed by their leaders.”

Another reader said: “The EU idea of ‘confrontational’ is someone who says no to their proposals.”

And another said: “Stiff upper lip. Don’t give into them at all. Hard negotiations are what is needed. Britain first, last and always.”

British officials have also defended Lord Frost and hit out at the EU over its record since the UK left the bloc last December.

A UK Government source said: “Based on evidence so far this year, the EU’s efforts can hardly be described as having promoted harmony.”

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Relations between the UK and EU hit a new low last month after the European Commission briefly triggered emergency legislation in the Northern Ireland Protocol to prevent exports of coronavirus vaccine to the UK.

Officials in Brussels had hoped to put the past behind and “reset” the relationship ahead of the latest round of discussions.

But an EU official said: “This would be a nice thing to happen but we are not holding our breath. The timeline sounds about right. I’m not so sure if a ‘reset’ is possible, but I think it’s admirable that we’re at least trying.”

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