‘Chlorine chicken shows we’ve a vested interest in Donald Trump losing election’

Opening the door to US chlorine-washed chicken would be an unacceptable price to pay for a trade deal with Mr Trump.

Using the bleach-like solution is currently illegal in the United Kingdom and European Union and must stay barred.

The birds are cleaned with it because hygiene standards are lower, meaning the live chickens are more likely to be infected with dangerous bacteria.

Agriculture and the National Health Service are two areas the America First nationalist President wishes to put Britain second, exploiting any Brexit desperation and the USA’s superior bargaining position to impose a deal better for the States than the UK.

  • Inside grim US megasheds of chlorine-wash chickens that Brits may soon be eating

Rejecting chlorinated chicken and protecting the NHS must be two lines never crossed in any potential trading pact.

Environment Secretary George Eustice refused to guarantee chlorine-washed chicken will never be allowed in the UK.

It’s why we’ve a vested interest in Donald Trump losing November’s US election.

Cost of dying

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  • Soaring cost of funerals forcing hard-up families into clutches of loan sharks


The cost of living is high enough, yet dying is beyond the budgets of many working families when the average price of a funeral has soared to a painful £9,493.

We need somehow to find cheaper but still dignified alternatives to end the heartache and financial hurt for the 90,000 forced to take out loans to bid farewell to a loved one.

Crematoriums, for example, should be operated as public services instead of squeezed councils seeking financial compensation from mortality. Losing a family member or friend is stressful enough without the worry of finding a small fortune to bid them goodbye.

A Rocky road

  • Tyson Fury's path to glory from premature 1lb baby to heavyweight world champ

Hell hath no fury like a Gypsy King scorned after Tyson’s Fury’s convincing win over the formidable Deontay Wilder.

Controversy reigned the last time the men fought, but the Brit boxer, who has overcome depression and addiction, achieved greatness.

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