Colorado Amendment C results: Changing rules for bingo and raffles is leading


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A constitutional amendment that would loosen regulations around bingo raffles held by nonprofit organizations was narrowly leading Tuesday night.

Amendment C had 51% support with about 56% of votes counted. But the amendment needs 55% support to pass.

If approved, the amendment would allow nonprofits to apply for bingo raffle permits after three years of operation in Colorado, instead of the current mandate of five years. The amendment would also allow nonprofits to pay someone from outside their organization to run a bingo raffle. Current law requires nonprofits to use a volunteer from within their organization.

Proponents of the amendment say it will eliminate barriers for them and make it easier for nonprofits to raise money. Opponents say allowing bingo raffle operators to be paid professionalizes the fundraising method and make it more like for-profit gambling.

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