Dream on! Rejoiner lays out ‘salvation’ plan to take down Boris Johnson

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The British public are not expected to vote in the next general election until May 2024. But philosopher and author, A C Grayling, has outlined a plan to take down Mr Johnson in the next election.

Mr Grayling – who has campaigned to rejoin the EU – urged the public to “form relentless pressure groups” to get opposition parties ready for the next election.

He tweeted: “A progressive alliance and electoral reform are our salvation.

“Citizens must form relentless pressure groups to get the opposition parties in their areas to field a single candidate on a PR platform for the next election – afterwards the parties can return to tribal squabbling.”

However, many took to social media to lash out at his proposed plans to take down the Prime Minister.

One person said: “Your Islington elite set are not ‘the majority’ Professor.

“When will you get it into your head?

“That’s why you lost the Brexit referendum and you got trounced in the 2019 general election.

“You see, the numbers just don’t add up (I know mathematics isn’t your discipline).”

Another added: “PMSL, you had the purest form of PR in 2016 Wailing Failing Grayling, and yet you hate the electorate being able to vote against you.

“Your ignorance and hypocrisy are reaching stratospheric heights.”

Someone else said: “You’re dreaming.

“Without including SNP in your plan, it is doomed.

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“Include them and they will continue to push for an independence ref, which you will talk tough against.

“That means you won’t win Scottish seats which means you fail.

“England needs electoral reform, not tinkering.”

Others have claimed the Labour Party are not “strong enough” to carry Mr Grayling’s proposals of a “progressive alliance”.

One person commented: “Maybe the time has come for the UK to see a new party emerging.

“In neighbouring countries, traditional parties have collapsed.

“The new ones won the elections.

“I cannot see Labour being strong enough to carry this task.

“They are too divided about Labour core ideology.”

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