EU crisis LIVE: VDL green lights explosive response – bloc grapples ‘hybrid attack’ horror

Belarus-Poland: Drone footage shows makeshift camp on border

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The situation at the Poland-Belarus border has become increasingly worrying as thousands are trapped in freezing conditions and at least seven people have died. One EU diplomat said the “delaying of measures is not an option” as European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen described the crisis as a “hybrid attack” by Belarus on neighbouring countries. However, Vladimir Putin-backed Lukashenko warned EU leaders he would respond to any sanctions imposed on Belarus.


‘Britain to blame’ Moscow hits back at Truss

Moscow has claimed “Britain is to blame” for the crisis after foreign secretary Liz Truss issues an attack against the Kremlin. 

Ms Truss said Britain must act as Belarus used “desperate migrants as pawns” in “a carefully crafted crisis”. 

But Russia’s foreign ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova said: “Until London is held accountable for its crimes, its representatives have no right to point the finger at anyone.”

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