EU panic: Brexit Britain’s future making EU ‘nervous’ as major changes threaten bloc

Brexit: Expert says Europe is ‘nervous’ about UK’s direction

Liam Campling, Professor of International Business and Development at Queen Mary University, argued the EU is feeling nervous about Britain’s future after Brexit. During an interview with, Professor Campling claimed the EU would be worried the UK would undercut them in areas that could give the country a financial advantage. While Professor Campling noted he was hopeful the UK would not drop its standards post-Brexit, this possibility would force the EU to consider how they would respond to having a strong economy on their doorstep.

Professor Campling: “I think there is a lot of nervousness in the EU around where Britain is going.

“There have been some prominent Conservative politicians noting that in order to be more competitive in the post-Brexit world, we have to reduce consumer rights, labour standards, employment rights and reduce or tone back on certain environmental standards.

“There is a risk that Britain engages in a race to the bottom.

“Hopefully those are minority Government views but the biggest concern I am imagining from the EU’s side is that Britain will end up being a kind of lower standard economy sitting on its doorstep.”

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Professor Campling also reflected on the EU’s feelings towards the UK’s fishing industry prospects.

He noted that despite their nervousness, regarding fishing access, the EU is confident they will maintain some form of access to British waters.

He said: “From a fisheries perspective I am imagining the transitional period is actually quite a slow phase-out and will provide European continental fishers with time to adjust.

“It is extremely likely European boats will continue to access UK waters well after the transition period.

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But that will be done on a different access agreement negotiation basis.

“So, as it is quite standard across the world, access agreement negotiations on fisheries take time and they are normally done behind closed doors.

“It is certain that European fishers will be listened to by Brussels.

“So I don’t imagine European fishers will have a major problem in the future.”


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Professor Campling also said the Brexit deal Boris Johnson was extremely fragile.

This fragility could result in tensions in future between the UK and EU.

He said: “The biggest problem I am imagining is the concern that this deal is extremely fragile.

“Also political movements in Britain may result in reneging on the deal and thereby making EU fishers access unstable.”

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