EU slammed over Covid vaccine ban as radio host rages ‘they’re nothing without Britain’

Brexit: Radio host says the EU are ‘nothing without Britain’

Mr Whale took aim at the “useless” European Union as the bloc announced it was introducing export licences for all jabs leaving the bloc after the EU’s lacklustre start to its coronavirus vaccination programme. The move sparked a furious reaction from the radio presenter who told listeners to his show on Tuesday that Brussels is “nothing” without the UK and called for “very tough action” to be taken in response to the vaccine ban. He added that the European Union’s fumbling over their vaccine rollout, which has seen shortages and delays, was evidence the EU project would soon end.

The talkRADIO host told his listeners: “If the EU try to stop the vaccine coming to this country because they are so useless, the EU, then I think we need to take a very tough action with them.”

“They are nothing without Britain.”

Mr Whale continued “I suppose we are now able to say the end of the European Union, which isn’t a union.”

“They are acting like a country aren’t they,” interrupted his co-host Ash Gould.

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Eurocrats had suggested that AstraZeneca, the maker of the Oxford vaccine, could use supplies destined for Britain to fulfil a “precise delivery schedules” to EU states.

The row erupted after the Anglo-Swedish firm said it would have to cut supplies to the bloc by 60 percent because of production hiccups.

The row prompted a Commission spokesman to admit officials are “worried” by the slow rollout of Covid jabs across the bloc.

Amid the growing frustrations, EU chiefs have drawn up plans to control exports of vaccines to outside the bloc.

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Boris Johnson: EU expected to honour vaccine exports to UK

Mrs von der Leyen yesterday warned that Brussels “means business” in addressing the row.

She insisted pharmaceutical firms should supply the bloc in return for millions of euros invested “to help develop the world’s first COVID-19 vaccines”.

The European Commission president said: “And now companies must deliver. They must honour their obligations.

“This is why we will set up a vaccine export mechanism. Europe is determined to contribute to this global common good but it also means business.”

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German health minister Jen Spahn said Brussels should only allow firms to export their Covid jabs outside of the EU after securing a permit.

He said: “It makes sense that we have an export restriction.

“That means that vaccines that leave the European Union need a permit so that we can, first of all, know what is being manufactured in Europe, what is leaving Europe, where it is leaving Europe for and whether it is then also a fair distribution.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “I don’t want to see restrictions on the supply of PPE across borders, restrictions on the supply of drugs, restrictions on vaccines or their ingredients. I think that’s pretty commonsensical and I’m sure would be widely supported across the EU as well.”

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