‘Farcical!’ SNP slammed by Labour and Tories after nationalist MSP Googles answer

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The MSP for Aberdeenshire East sparked outrage after she opted to Google the answer to a question during a debate at Holyrood. Gillian Martin, who serves as the Convener of the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee north of the border, attempted to answer a question on nightclubs.

However, Ms Martin seemingly struggled to provide an answer.

Instead, she whipped out her smartphone and went on Google search to find Moray Council’s definition of a nightclub.

The SNP MSP, who had her Aberdeenshire West majority slashed from almost 6,000 to just under 2,000 in the recent Holyrood elections, appeared to be far from the most technologically literate politician as she pulled several bemused faces and tilted her phone from landscape to portrait.

Martin said: “I’ve actually got it because I’ve actually got Moray Council’s one here.

“If you give me a minute and I’ll bring it up on my phone.”

After finally finding her definition, the MSP for Aberdeenshire West added: “It says ‘the primary function may include dancing, will have more people standing than sitting, would be open from 1am to 5am’.

“That’s Moray Council with a list of things.

“Aberdeenshire Council has one as well.”

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Later on, Ms Martin went on to add she was “struggling” to think of any nightclubs in Aberdeenshire as she is more of an “old bird who stays at home”.

But she didn’t need to look any further than Michael Gove, the Conservative MP for Surrey Heath in England, for an answer.

The 54-year-old Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster was seen body-popping to hard-hitting techno tunes on a visit to a nightclub in the Granite City just a few weeks ago.

The 30-second faff was not received well by some of Ms Martin’s fellow MSPs.

Michael Marra, a Labour MSP for North East Scotland, posted the incident in full on his Twitter page.

He wrote alongside the video: “Good God.

“SNP making policy by live googling in Parliament.

“This is now way to make laws that will impact millions of people.

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And the reaction seemed to suggest some cross-party consensus between the otherwise divided Unionist groups.

Jamie Greene, the Tory MSP for the West of Scotland, told his Twitter followers: “The sight of an SNP backbencher Googling ‘what is a nightclub’ to answer a question the Deputy First Minister couldn’t, minutes before being asked to vote to restrict entry to said venues, perfectly sums up the shambles that SNP lawmaking has become in the Scottish Parliament.”

Greene’s Conservative colleague in the Highlands and Islands, Jamie Halcro Johnston, opted to use the opportunity to take a dig at the SNP and supporters of Scottish independence.

Posting a photo of a seemingly confused Ms Martin, he captioned a tweet: “When Googling the case for independence goes wrong.”

Earlier today, a fresh opinion poll found not only that voters in Scotland do not want a second independence referendum but that if there were another vote Scots would decisively back staying in the United Kingdom.

The poll, conducted by Survation, placed support for independence at just 43 percent and found 57 percent of Scots would vote to remain in the UK.

In 2014, when Scottish voters went to the polls, the margin was slightly narrower, with 55 percent voting “No” to independence and 45 percent voting “Yes”.

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