GB News Colin Brazier claims face masks ‘could be worse than Brexit’ – ‘eeriely similar’

Face masks debate could be ‘worse than Brexit’ says Brazier

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GB News host Colin Brazier has predicted the face masks debate may trigger a civil divide “worse than Brexit.” Following the referendum on Britain leaving the EU, the country was split with Remainers and Brexiteers at loggerheads. Now Brazier warns the same fate could befall the issue of face-covering once coronavirus measures are lifted on July 19. The GB News host described the split between those for and against masks as “eerily” similar to Brexit.

Brazier said: “So what will you do? Mask or no mask.

“Face as nature intended or covered up for the foreseeable future.

“In an age of identity politics, a better question is not what will you do but what will you be.

“A masker or a denier, a virtual signaller or a freedom fighter, a cavalier or a roundhead?

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“This has the potential to be worse than Brexit,” he continued.

“Then no one could look at you and tell whether you were a Leaver or a Remainer.

“A fortnight from now and they might.

“The Prime Minister this afternoon said he wants you not the state to decide whether or not wear and when to wear a mask after July 19.

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“But already battlelines are being drawn,” added Mr Brazier.

“A senior government scientist yesterday said he wanted masks to be worn in enclosed public spaces indifferently.

“The public are split in proportions eerily similar to Brexit.

“In May YouGov found that a small majority would keep face coverings in crowded places even after the law forcing them to do so was lifted.


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The GB News host said: “The continuity maskers will insist that keeping one on is the mark of a good citizen it doesn’t stop you the wearer of catching the virus but it might stop you giving it to someone else.

“Putting on one offers reassurance to the vulnerable how virtuous or visibly virtuous is that.

“The maskless have their shibboleths too, masks are project fear given the Covid has stopped being a rampaging plague masks cut citizens off from one another.

“Make human to human contact, never more needed than now, more difficult.”

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