Have your say: Should France do more to stop Channel crossings?

Migrants: Nearly 700 cross Channel in a day in record high for 2022

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Liz Truss was asked about Channel crossings at the Tory leadership hustings in Leigh on August 10, where she quipped in agreement to a question about France being “uncooperative” over the issue.

Asylum seekers have been making the journey from France to Britain via boat crossings for many years, and various governments have tried to crack down on it.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said in Parliament last year that it is up to France to stop refugees from crossing the Channel.

But Government data shows the problem is getting worse, with the number of people entering the UK by crossing the Channel increasing from 2018, with a large spike at the end of 2021.

As Express.co.uk reported in June, asylum seekers come to Britain for many reasons, including its reputation for kindness and compassion.

Many argued that compassion went missing when the Conservative Party announced plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, a plan which has faced obstacles.

Nevertheless, people smugglers have been able to operate crossings, and this has tragically led to instances of refugees drowning at sea.

So, should France be doing more to put a stop to Channel crossings?


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