‘Hit China where it hurts!’ British athlete takes aim at proposed Winter Olympics boycott

GB News: 'Why don't we hit China where it hurts' says Davies

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The former British Olympic swimmer joined GB News host Colin Brazier to debate calls for a boycott of the Winter Olympics over human rights concerns.  Sharron Davies argued that athletes not competing in Beijing would do little to pressure China, looking back at the history of Olympic boycotts she added: “Basically, they don’t work.” Alternatively, Ms Davies called for Britons to “hit China where it hurts” by changing their spending habits. 

Sharron Davies told GB News: “I mean it is very difficult, isn’t it.

“I was involved in the 76′ Olympics obviously the 1980 Olympics and the obviously the 1984 Olympics as well were blighted with boycotts.

“And basically they don’t work.

“That is the whole point of this is that we are trying to do something to put pressure on the Chinese and I don’t think that using sport is the thing that will work.”

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“I mean I think the UN needs to grow some teeth for starters and it has done so for a very long time,” she added.

“And I think that all of us can make a difference.

“Why don’t we hit China where it hurts most which is in our buying power and have sanctions with trade.

“Rather than asking our athletes to give up something that they’ve worked for for a very long time.”

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“Which we know from history doesn’t actually have any effect whatsoever,” continued Ms Davies.

“I think when you mentioned about the dignitaries, the MPs, the royals not going.

“Yeah, I am not so anti that because I think that is a sort of visible way where the people in China will go where are these people.”

It comes as Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy urged the Royal Family and Government ministers to snub the 2022 Olympics in China.

The Labour MP said: “We have consistently pressed the Government for more robust actions to address this appalling situation, including more extensive sanctions against senior officials responsible for what is taking place in Xinjiang and more robust measures against forced labour.

“We are now calling on you to use the occasion of the Games to press the case for unfettered UN access to Xinjiang to conduct a full, transparent and independent investigation.

“This has been repeatedly sought by the UK and other governments but has not yet been realised.

“If this is not granted, the UK Government should not send ministers, Royal Family members or senior representatives to participate in any official duties or ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics. “

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