‘It’s their own doing!’ EU lambasted as fury erupts over Brexit lies on ‘losing side’

John Penrose issues warning at EU red tape holding back Brexit

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Moments after Vladimir Putin announced his invasion of Ukraine, the events were sensationally blamed on Brexit. Writer Marcus Chown declared in a post on Twitter, in no uncertain terms, a vote for Brexit was “a vote for Putin”. He said: “Unfortunately, a vote for Brexit was a vote for Putin to invade Ukraine because it weakened the Western alliance and emboldened Putin.”

Express.co.uk readers have highlighted they are “fed up” with this “lie”.

They added that any division within the EU is “their own doing” and cannot be blamed on Britain.

Teuchtar2 wrote: “I am getting fed up listening to the lies being put about that Brexit caused the war in Ukraine.

“This war has been planned before Putin invaded Crimea in 2014.

“It has diddly squat to do with how we voted in the 2016 referendum.”

They added: “If the losing side can’t accept that then move to the EU countries but stop insulting the intelligence of the electorate.”

Littlescooper doubled down on this argument, suggesting people seem to have “forgotten” about Putin’s actions in 2014.

They said pinning the invasion on Ukraine on Britain and Brexit is “a ridiculous claim with zero merit”.

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Ladynotforturning also said this was “nonsense”.

They wrote: “What in the hecking heck has Putin gained influencing Brexit?

“If the EU have been undermined, it’s their own doing. If their unity is under threat, it’s their own doing.

“The EU rule book is their own doing. The gas deal with Russia is their own doing. Courting countries to join them is their own doing.”

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Specimen-CD587 suggested blaming events on Brexit is an attempt to deflect blame from elsewhere.

They wrote: “The socialists are desperately trying to link Brexit with the Ukraine invasion to avoid responsibility.

“It is the green climate energy policy that created the conditions for Putin to invade.

“If Europe wasn’t so dependent on Russian gas, the world would not be having this conversation.”

When asked “do you think Brexit contributed to the invasion of Ukraine?”, an overwhelming number of Express.co.uk readers said “no”.

Ninety-two percent of the 3,649 readers polled disagreed that Brexit was to blame, with just seven percent arguing that it was.

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