Jacob Rees-Mogg slams Blairite ‘constitutional blunders’ for taking ‘wrecking ball’ to UK

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The leader of the House of Commons argued that the lastLabour Government decided to take a wrecking ball to Britain’s constitution. He added that he hoped his Conservative Government finds an effective way of restoring the constitution to its proper form. 

Mr Rees-Mogg said: “The last Labour Government decided to take a wrecking ball to our constitution and made a bit of a muddle with it.

“Some of their most foolish interventions were their constitutional blunders which were out of step with many centuries of our parliamentary democracy

“Blairite constitutional tinkering has weakened our Parliament and has helped to divide the United Kingdom.

“I hope that this Government finds an effective way of restoring our constitution to its proper form.”

Mr Rees-Mogg also unleashed a brutal dig at the SNP during his appearance in the House of Commons.

The Conservative MP was involved in a fierce row with SNP MP Tommy Sheppard.

The SNP MP told Mr Rees-Mogg the House of Commons will lose confidence in him unless he agreed to MPs debating the nature of MPs’ virtual participation in Parliament.

Mr Sheppard went on to label Brexit a “tragedy” for the UK. 

The Conservative MP responded: “It’s never difficult to tell the difference between a member of the SNP with a grievance and a ray of sunshine.

“It seems to me that the cloud across any ray of sunshine can always be provided by the Honourable Gentleman.

“And what does he say today? He says that a debate of over two hours is undemocratic.

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“It was undemocratic to have a debate. That I think is an unusual view to hold.

“And then he thinks that a democratic vote of 52 percent of the people of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union is a disaster.

“He seems only to like the votes that he wins!

“But the SNP, fortunately, don’t win votes across the United Kingdom at large, most importantly the vote in 2014.”

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