Javid in brutal swipe at ‘adolescent’ Trump as he hails Biden win as ‘best outcome for UK’

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Speaking to Sky News’ Sophy Ridge, the former UK Chancellor blasted the outgoing US President claiming he is doing a “huge damage to democracy” by failing to concede he has lost the US election. Mr Javid hailed Joe Biden’s victory as the “best outcome for the UK” and accused Donald Trump of acting like an “adolescent”.

He said: “Donald Trump has already done a huge amount of damage to democracy, both at home in his own country and frankly, abroad.

“The US is a beacon of democracy across the world, as we are, and he’s still doing damage because he hasn’t stopped.

“In a couple of hours from now our whole nation will have a moment of silence to remember those who thought for our freedom, our democracy to remind us of just how fragile democracy is.

“We are privileged to have democracy, the Americans are privileged to have it.

“There are so many people around the world that yarn for democracy.

“And the behaviour of the US President is frankly being adolescent behaviour.”

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