John Bercow WILL get peerage as Tory MP says it’s ‘right thing to do’ for ex-Speaker

John Bercow was nominated for the peerage by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after not receiving one from Prime Minister Boris Johnson. But the ex-Speaker of the House of Commons peerage has been put on hold after former Clerk of the House, Lord Lisvane, made a formal complaint of bullying against him. Conservative Greg Smith MP believes this won’t stop Mr Bercow from getting a peerage.

Speaking to, Mr Smith said: “It’s convention that outgoing Speakers of the House of Commons get a peerage.

“John Bercow broke a few conventions himself.

“But at the end of the day I think it probably would be right for him to go to the House of Lords as a crossbench peer.

“But it is above my pay grade to make such appointments.

“I’m sure in time it probably will happen but perhaps there’s going to be a slight delay.”

Mr Bercow has denied all allegations made against him were “utter rubbish from start to finish”.

He noted the timing of the fresh accusations was “curious” and that Lord Lisvane had “ample opportunity” to raise issues in their time working together.

Mr Bercow said it had “become increasingly obvious that the Government has no intention of honouring the centuries-old convention that a departing Speaker is promptly elevated to the House of Lords”.

He added: “Indeed, it has been suggested to me that the Government actively seeks to block any other attempt to nominate me for membership of the upper House.”

Despite reports of Mr Corbyn nominating the former Tory MP for a peerage, Downing street said they were “not aware of a nomination being put forward”.

Number 10 said the bullying allegations were “very concerning” and should be “investigated thoroughly”.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has also argued for Mr Bercow to not receive a peerage.


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He told Sky News: “I haven’t seen the list that the Prime Minister or anybody else for him has put forward for peerage.

“But personally, I wouldn’t offer John Bercow a peerage.

“I think we’ve seen some very serious of bullying and harassment from senior and credible people, including a lieutenant general who worked with him.

“These are important things that need to be investigated before any decision like that is taken.

“And in my own experience, Parliament is a better place without John Bercow.”

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