Keir ‘Captain Hindsight’ Starmer attacked for accusing Boris of ‘mixed messaging’ on Covid

Keir Starmer criticises Boris Johnson’s ‘mixed messages’

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer spoke to Sky News and insisted the coronavirus messaging needed to be as clear as possible. He claimed Boris Johnson and his Government had been sending out mixed messages throughout the pandemic. Many viewers took to Twitter to voice their frustration at the Labour leaders comments, however.

Many arged the Labour Party was unclear with their own messaging and referring to Sir Keir as “Captain Hindsight.”

Sir Keir had said: “I think the most important thing about lockdown is that the message of stay at home gets through.

“We have had nine months of mixed messaging from the Government and it is really important that message is out there.

“I think the Prime Minister should be doing a daily press conference to ram home that message to stay at home.

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“We are at the darkest stage of this pandemic now, it is a race between the virus and the vaccine.

“Everybody needs to be following that Government guidance.”

Sir Keir highlighted the areas where he felt the Government had not been clear about what they wanted from the British public.

He said: “I think the vast majority of the British public have been complying throughout the pandemic and working really hard, it is has been a real struggle.

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“The struggle has been the Government’s mixed messages.

“The message of, eat out, don’t eat out, go back to work, don’t go back to work, stay at home, don’t stay at home.

“The central message now is critically important, stay home, save lives and protect our NHS.”

However, the Labour Leader has faced significant criticism online for his attacks against the Government and lack of solutions alongside his criticisms.

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One Twitter user said: “He spends most of his time in front of a camera these days criticising anything and everything rather than doing his day job.

“If only Captain Hindsight had a plan of his own, it’s easy when you don’t have to make the big decisions.”

Another added: “Mixed messagaing? Well, what is his message: I’ll say anything if I think it will be popular.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Of course Keir Starmer is criticising, it is all he does, even if he gets what he wants with a lockdown.

“It’s very easy to criticise and use hindsight and also offer no ideas as to how he would handle it.”

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