Keir Starmer heckler abandons GB News interview to scream at Brexit activist – VIDEO

Keir Starmer heckler abandons interview to confront protestor

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Sir Keir Starmer faced chants of “shame” and calls for Labour’s leadership to support a £15 minimum wage during his first conference speech. Critics held up red cards in protest as Sir Keir delivered his speech, but the Labour leader hit back and asked whether the detractors were “shouting slogans, or changing lives”. Party activist Carole Vincent, from the Leyton and Wanstead constituency in east London, said she expected to be thrown out of the party for heckling the leader – and added she did not expect Sir Keir to survive in post until the next conference either.

In an interview with GB News, Ms Vincent stopped mid-sentence when she heard Mr Bray playing music.

She immediately walked up and confronted him.

Asked who is a “better heckler” by presenter Tom Harwood, Ms Vincent said: “I wasn’t a heckler.

“I stood up. I spoke out. I’m a principled, decent working person and I’m a fair person. And what I did was listen until it was no longer a possibility that I could remain silent.”

Sir Keir was heckled on the £15 minimum wage as he paid tribute to the NHS workers who cared for his mother and those working throughout the pandemic.

Shouts were heard of “throw them out”, and were met with sustained supportive applause for the Labour leader.

A heckle of “it was your Brexit policy” could be heard as Sir Keir spoke of a serious plan for Government.

But after being interrupted again, he replied: “You can chant all day,” before being applauded by the audience.

Keir Starmer heckled during Labour conference speech

Ms Vincent told PA: “I don’t consider it to be heckling, I consider that I stood up and spoke out because it needed to be said.

“He had ignored – and this conference has ignored – people that have been standing up and asking for him to guarantee the 15% rise for the NHS, a £15 minimum wage.

“You can’t live in many major cities – not just London but other cities – on the wages that people get.”

She said Sir Keir had 10 pledges during his leadership campaign but claimed he has “reneged on most of those”.


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She added: “He talked about uniting the party. The party has never been so divided as it is now and it’s getting worse.

“I probably will be expelled and that’s sad because I work bloody hard for this party.”

Ms Vincent said she had been “showing him the red card when he said something that I thought is not acceptable and that he should be actually challenging the Government on, or saying how he is going to do something”.

Asked if she thought Sir Keir would be leader at the next conference, she said: “I don’t. I think there will be a challenge at some point, I’m not sure who will do it.”

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