Keir Starmer mocked over PMQs performance ‘Doesn’t have a fourth gear!’

Keir Starmer savaged over Labour reshuffle

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Keir Starmer’s performance at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday has been savaged by political commentators Matt Chorley and Patrick Maguire on Times Radio. The duo provided a brutal appraisal of the Labour leader’s political skills with Mr Chorley declaring Sir Keir lacks a “little bit of political stardust.” His co-host agreed with Mr Maguire arguing that the Leader of the Opposition lacks a “fourth gear.”

Mr Chorley told his TimesRadio co-host: “You’re right there’s something about the cream on the cake or the cherry on the top of the cake.

“Keir Starmer lacks that last little bit of political stardust.”

Mr Maguire added: “Somebody put it to me, a former aide to Tony Blair, put it to me like this when discussing with them over email a while ago, a recent Stormer appearance in the comments and they just put it really succinctly.

“They said he doesn’t have a fourth gear.

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“You know, he can tumble through the first three gears really, really ably.

“But when you want to put pedal to the metal, he just can’t do it.”

He continued: “This sounds like an ad hominem but you can always hear it in his voice kind of, you know, it goes up an octave and it sounds like Paul Heating from the Housemartins without the tunefulness and it just doesn’t really work.

“He just doesn’t have it, if you know what I mean.”

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It comes as Sir Keir was attacked over the timing of the Labour leader’s cabinet reshuffle.

Sir Keir launched a cleanout of his top team earlier this week, just as the Labour Party’s deputy leader Angela Rayner was due to give a speech attacking the Conservative Party over “sleaze” amid the Westminster scandal over MPs holding lucrative second jobs.

The move left political pundits like UK in a Changing Europe’s Anand Menon questing the Labour leader’s management skills. 

Mr Menon told LBC: “Just the timing to do this in such a way as to cut across a speech by your deputy leader on the issue on which you’re actually getting some cut-through against the government, which is sleaze just struck me as appallingly bad management I have to say.

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He added: “Even if it was deliberate, it was a personal slight to your deputy leader rather than something that was thinking about the future of the Labour Party as a whole.

“Because it strikes me that actually, there is an attack line that is working now on sleaze that Labour are using.

“And the headlines of the Angela Rayner speech could have been Labour are putting forward proposals to tidy up sleaze in politics.

“Rather than headlines, we’ve got ‘Starmer undercuts Angela Rayner.'”

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