Labour mocked after reinstating Tony Blair’s 1990s slogan – ‘Farcical at this point’

Andy McDonald resigns from Labour's Shadow Cabinet

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When Priti Patel tweeted “Under Keir Starmer, Labour is weak on crime and weak on the causes of crime” earlier this month, she probably did not know the old slogan she was referring to would make a comeback. In an attempt to reinforce Labour’s reputation on law and order, the shadow home secretary has announced the party is readopting Tony Blair’s 1990s slogan: “tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime”.

Nick Thomas-Symonds, scheduled to deliver a speech as part of the annual party conference, will introduce a new strategy to tackle crime, drug misuse and child exploitation.

Mr Thomas-Symonds’ main idea is to implement Neighbourhood Prevention Teams, made up of police, volunteer community support officers, youth workers and local authority staff.

In his upcoming speech, the shadow home secretary will say he wants to “bring back neighbourhood policing” in every community.

He reportedly wishes to create “next-generation neighbourhood watch” teams who use technology such as video doorbells and WhatsApp groups to share information and report any antisocial behaviour.

Oliver Dowden, the chair of the Conservative party, mocked the project saying: “Labour have shown time and time again that they are weak on crime and weak on the causes of crime.

“They voted against tougher sentences for the most serious offenders, refused to back giving our frontline officers greater powers, and it was revealed this week that they would issue warnings to class A drug users instead of prosecuting them.”

“Video doorbells and WhatsApp groups will not cut crime, nor will replacing police stations with ‘hubs’ and police officers with ‘volunteers’,” a Home Office source told The Times.

“This is not surprising when earlier this year their MPs voted against tougher sentences for child murderers, tougher sentences for sex offenders and tougher measures to crack down on violent crime.

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“Under the Conservatives, police numbers are rising and crime is falling.”

On Twitter, Labour’s new catchphrase also initiated some humorous responses.

Natty Kasambala said the slogan was “farcical at this point.”

Sooz Kempner tweeted “tough on votes, tough on the causes of votes.”

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“Jesus. Why not just ‘we’re a mess but have you seen THAT lot?!’” said Ryan Clayton.

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