Lee Anderson blasts Tony Blair bid for new Middle East peace job

Pro-Palestine protester asked if they want to abolish Israel

Lee Anderson has expressed his surprise that Sir Tony Blair is being considered for a new Middle East peace role to tackle the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

The Tory deputy chairman asked: “Hasn’t Tony Blair done enough damage in the Middle East?”

The former Prime Minister was forced out in 2008 after he took Britain into the Iraq War in 2005 with the US.

The conflict massively destabilised the region and has seen the power of Iran and its fundamentalist Islamic regime grow as a consequence.

Iran is believed to have been behind arming Hamas for the October 7 atrocities which have sparked the current conflict.

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Mr Anderson was a Labour member and activist at the time of Blair’s Premiership and would only join the Conservatives in 2018 just ahead of becoming the MP for Ashfield.

But Sir Tony is being lined up for a possible return to Middle East politics, reportedly with the blessing of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Blair was appointed a middle Eastern envoy after he quit as Prime Minister in 2007 working on behalf of the so-called quad – the US, EU, Russia and United Nations.

Since then he has become a major figure in the shadowy World Economic Forum (WEF) which he is expected to take over soon.

The WEF is a forum for mainly centre-left world leaders and billionaires which tries to influence global policy in a number of areas.

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Sir Tony is also said to be influencing Sir Keir Starmer with some of his closest allies including Lord Mandelson and Pat McFadden among the Labour leader’s closest allies.

The idea of the new Middle Eastern role would be for Blair to use his strong contacts in the Gulf States to try to bring an end to the conflict by isolating Hamas.

The terrorist group has been reportedly getting its funding filtered through Qatar.

Sir Tony’s spokesman said: “As you know, Mr Blair has an office in Israel and has continued to work on issues regarding Israel and the Palestinians.

“He is obviously discussing the situation with a number of people in the region and elsewhere to see what can be done. But there is no ‘role’ offered or taken.”

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