‘Morally bankrupt!’ EU bullies shamed as AstraZeneca jabs blocked from going to UK

Vaccine row: David Davis says EU has been ‘very emotional’

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This week, the EU’s Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said the AstraZeneca subcontractor Halix – which is based in the Netherlands – had not sent doses of the jab to the UK since the bloc implemented export controls.

Speaking in The Hague, Mr Breton gloated: “Everything has stayed in the EU.”

He said the vaccine producers must first “deliver what was promised” to EU member states.

But Express.co.uk readers have lashed out at the bloc urging Prime Minister Boris Johnson to “rip up any deals” with the EU.

One said: “Boris you seriously need to rip up any deals with the EU.

“This charade just cannot go on any longer and you will pay for it eventually if you don’t.”

Another reader said: “Here we see the EU superstate at its finest.

“What a disgrace.

“So glad we’re out!”

Someone else said: “Just another example of why the UK is better off out of the EU.”

A fourth reader said: “The EU needs more than vaccinations because it is as sick as it can ever become.

“Sadly, there does not seem to be any medication to cure its illness.

“The illness is called the Mad EU disease and is spread widely amongst its politicians.

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“The world is watching its childish behaviour.”

Someone else said the EU is “morally bankrupt, failed and corrupt politicians”.

They said: “The EU struts around with its chest puffed out trying to look down on everyone else and shouting look how morally superior we are!

“But in reality, they are morally bankrupt, failed and corrupt politicians.”

Another person called the bloc a bunch of “schoolyard bullies”.

They said: “They criticised the AZ vaccine, not approved till a few weeks ago.

“Now they don’t want anybody else that ordered it before them to have it.

“Schoolyard bullies.”

Someone else urged the Government to “take urgent action” to make sure no vaccines from the UK go to the “EU cesspit”.

In January, the EU introduced export controls on vaccine exports after it accused AstraZeneca of cutting supplies intended for member states.

Since then, the jab producers have had to put official requests to member states before accepting orders from non-EU countries.

The move allowed Italy to block a shipment of 250,000 AstraZeneca vaccines to Australia.

The bloc’s export authorisation scheme for vaccines is meant to expire at the end of March but the European Commission is planning to extend it until June.

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