Nigel Farage rages at Boris’s Brexit fishing compromise – ‘Already waited four years!

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The Brexit Party leader said a three-year transition period for European fishing fleets was “not what I campaigned for” after the Prime Minister unveiled a scheme to reduce EU boats in UK waters. He said Britain’s fisherman have been waiting for four years for complete freedom.

Mr Farage tweeted: “An EU deal is getting closer as the UK backs down on fishing.

“A three year transition on EU fleets is not what I campaigned for. We have already waited 4 years.”

It comes after new details of a fisheries compromise emerged from the post-Brexit trade talks with the EU as an eleventh hour attempt by David Frost to break the stalemate.

Under new plans presented by British negotiators, the EU would be offered a three-year transition period to allow European boats to prepare for the changes.

Fishing opportunities for EU vessels would be “phased down” between 2021 and 2024 to offer coastal communities time to adapt to the changes.

But Downing Street is adamant the proposals will not infringe the UK’s sovereignty over its coastal waters.

A UK official said: “On fisheries, we have been clear that we won’t accept any proposals which compromise UK sovereignty over our fishing waters.

“We’re seeking a relationship based on the EU’s existing bilateral relationship with Norway.

“In order to make progress, the EU must accept our position as an independent coastal state and any agreement on quotas must reflect that reality.

“We remain committed to working hard to reach agreement by the middle of October.”

Britain left the EU last January and is locked in negotiations on a new trade deal from 2021, as well as on implementing the divorce, as set out in the Withdrawal Agreement, especially on the sensitive Irish border.

Trade talks resumed in Brussels on Tuesday.

Lasting until Friday morning and also due to cover energy links and transport, they are the final round of negotiations scheduled.

Brussels has dropped its demands for the two sides to reach a broad agreement on all the outstanding areas of dispute before drafting a final agreement and expects UK to engage in detailed discussions on post-Brexit fishing quotas and the government’s future subsidy policy.

It comes after Britain signed a new fishing deal with Norway, which was hailed as a “crucial step forward” by chief Brexit negotiator Mr Frost.

He posted on Twitter: ”Delighted we have today signed a fisheries agreement with Norway.

“It’s a crucial step forward for when we leave the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy in three months’ time.”

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