POLL: Should the UK stop sending money to France for policing expenses?

Between 2014 and 2021, the UK handed France over £170million to curb illegal migration across the Channel. Over the past financial year, this commitment was beefed up to £67million as the crisis worsened.

Despite this, over 100,000 people have now made the journey in small boast since 2018. Crackdowns appear to be having little impact, as almost a quarter of this figure did so this year alone.

A two-week Express investigation has now uncovered why this may be the case. Members of the UK-taxpayer-funded taskforce were found to be willfully letting the unsafe boats set sail for British shores.

After working a six-hour shift, officers from the Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité (CRS) in Calais were seen partying in cocktail bars until the early hours of the morning, before retiring to their 4-star B&B accommodation on the outskirts of town.

The revelations have brought a firestorm of criticism upon the French authorities and President Emmanuel Macron, as many now question whether the arrangements ought to be scrapped.

The Express spoke to one man from the force who admitted, despite being paid by the UK to police the beaches: “We don’t stop the migrants, it’s not our job to stop them. A couple of days ago I let a family go that wanted to leave. They touched my heart.

“Before we are cops we are humans. When I see those migrant families I just want to let them be – I should not say that – but we cannot welcome all the misery in the world in France.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak made stopping the boats one of his five top priorities at the start of the year, but the figures show little progress being made. The PM’s spokesman said: “We are in touch with our French counterparts about taking further action.”

Senior Tory MP David Jones said the findings confirmed longstanding suspicions that “the French commitment to stopping the vile people-smuggling trade is little more than a facade.”

But what do you think? Should the UK stop sending money to France if they aren’t policing migrant crossings? Should France be doing more in its own right? Vote in our polls and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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