Priti Patel height: How tall is Priti Patel in feet and inches?

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Priti Patel has become an increasingly prominent figure in recent years, rising through the Tory party and Government ranks to become Home Secretary. A close ally of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Ms Patel is currently at the centre of what is thought to be a cover-up into her conduct with staff in her office.

The Home Secretary has come under considerable scrutiny this week after a report found she had broken rules regarding ministerial behaviour.

Ms Patel has been accused of bullying civil servants and breaking ministerial code that rules civil servants should be treated with consideration and respect.

The report, carried out by the Government’s independent advisor on standards, Sir Alex Allen, has not yet been published.

It is understood to have looked at Ms Patel’s behaviour at three different government departments – the Home Office, Work and Pensions and International Development.

It is said to have found compelling evidence of bullying by Ms Patel.

While there is no requirement for the report to be published and the buck lies with the Prime Minister only regarding whether it is released or not, Mr Johnson has been accused of covering up the outcome of the report and has been urged to publish it or at least take action against Ms Patel for the findings.

Allegations first came to light following the resignation of Philip Rutnam, the former Home Office permanent secretary, over what he described as a “vicious and orchestrated campaign” against him for challenging the alleged mistreatment of civil servants.

Ms Patel has always strongly denied the allegations.

How tall is Priti Patel?

Priti Patel is thought to stand at around 5ft 3 inches.

Ms Patel’s height is often brought into question owing to her extremely tall husband, Alex Sawyer.

Married in 2004, the couple met when they both worked in PR prior to her political career.

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They have one son, Freddie, who was born in 2008.

He previously worked for his wife part-time running her office, at a £25,000 per year expense to the taxpayer.

He now works as a marketing consultant for American financial firm Nasdaq NLX.

He is also Tory councillor and Cabinet Member for Communities on the council of the London Borough of Bexley.

Ms Patel was born in London to parents who fled Uganda in the 1960s.

This has brought her under considerable scrutiny for her less than favourable attitude toward migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees.

While it has made her a popular figure within her own party, it has attracted considerable criticism from the opposition, human rights activists and lawyers, and a considerable sample of the British public.

In the past, she has voted against gay marriage and advocated for bringing back the death penalty.

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