Richard Tice reveals the ‘load of opportunities’ for no deal Brexit Britain as talks stall

Brexit: Richard Tice reveals no deal ‘opportunities’

Former Brexit Party MEP Richard Tice spoke on LBC and highlighted the potential benefits for Britains if the UK fails to get a trade deal with the EU. He insisted the UK would be able to thrive on the international stage without the EU. This comes after Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Leyen announced Brexit talks would continue past the Sunday deadline due to an inability to agree on a deal.

Mr Tice said: “The price of lamb may go down as we export a lot of lamb to the EU so our exports may reduce.

“British consumers can eat a lot more British lamb.

“We can change the nature of the fish we eat, instead of eating cod and tuna, we can eat more salmon, mackerel and muscles.

“We can have more holidays here in the UK and support our British tour industry.

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“We can buy more goods that are made in British fashion, there is just a whole range of things.”

Mr Tice added that the UK could also look internationally for changing habits in buying and selling goods.

He said: “We are signing up free trade deals with other countries like Japan and Canada.

“I think there are loads of opportunities and I think there is a real sense of, okay let us get our shoulders behind the wheel and make this a massive success.

Brexit: Ursula von der Leyen announces extension to talks

“We would save tens of billions of pounds in payments to the EU we wouldn’t have to pay.

“Furthermore, if we charge tariffs on EU goods, baring in mind they sell almost 100 billion more to us than we do to them.

“We would then be in a huge tariff surplus that we can use to support our British farmers.”

Earlier on Sunday, Mr Johnson claimed the UK would thrive whatever the outcome but admitted no deal had yet been reached.

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He said: “When we went out to Brussels on Wednesday the hope was that we going to be able to finish things off today if there was a deal to be done.

“As things stand, I’m afraid we’re still very far apart on some key things.

“But where there’s light, there’s hope. We’re going to keep on talking to see what we can do.

“The UK certainly won’t be walking away from the talks. I think people can expect us to go the extra mile.

“The Commission are very determined to keep the negotiations on the way that we’ve been done.

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