Scot councillor destroyed after claiming England Euro 2020 win could BOOST independence

Scotland: Independence campaign 'will never end' says Carlaw

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During a pulsating semi-final match at Wembley Stadium in front of 60,000 fans last night, England beat Denmark 2-1 after extra time to spark glorious scenes throughout the country. Gareth Southgate’s team now face Italy in Sunday’s showpiece final. But the dramatic win appears not to have gone down too well in Scotland, who saw their team exit Euro 2020 at the group stage having lost two of their three games.

Christopher McEleny, who deferred from Nicola Sturgeon’s party before the Scottish election on May 6 but failed to win a seat, is now an Inverclyde councillor and interim general secretary to Alex Salmond’s Alba Party.

Following England’s win, he took to Twitter to claim England winning the tournament could provide a bigger boost to independence in comparison to anything being planned by the SNP. He did not elaborate.

Mr McEleny wrote: “Suppose silver lining is their reaction to winning the tournament will bring Scotland closer to independence this year than the SNP are planning.”

But the comments from the former SNP politician were torn apart from several people replying to him on Twitter.

One person wrote: “You lot spout such utter rubbish!

“England win a football match, and you say it will bring Independence to Scotland?

“This clearly underlines that your ‘party’ has no agenda whatsoever.

“Go back to your constituency and prepare for everlasting obscurity.”

A second Twitter user responded: “Surely you mean small-minded, dour nationalists rather than the whole of ‘Scotland’?

“You can’t possibly speak for the entire population.”

Another person mocked Mr McEleny and said: “Are you a politician? This isn’t a good tweet.”

A fourth Twitter user simply raged: “Don’t be so stupid!”

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The SNP are continuing to campaign for a second referendum on Scottish independence – despite the country voting by a margin of 55 percent to 45 percent against a split from the UK in 2014.

Ms Sturgeon has pressed ahead with her independence plot, particularly after Brexit, which she said was a decision taken away from the Scottish people, who had voted in favour of remaining in the European Union.

Prior to the Scottish election on May 6, the First Minister said her plans for a second referendum on Scottish independence would pick up pace if the SNP could win a majority.

Alba Party leader Alex Salmond had also said he was pressing for a pro-independence “super-majority” of MSPs in the Scottish parliament to help his referendum plot.

However, the election ended in disaster for the former First Minister, with his party failing to win a single seat.

Boris Johnson has continued to reject all demands for a second referendum on independence, insisting the result from the first vote in 2014 must stand and that it was a “once in a generation event”.

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