Seat at the top table! Britons celebrate Brexit success and mock ‘captured’ EU states

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Recent data showed eurozone inflation increased to a record high last month. This will likely lead to the European Central Bank (ECB) raising interest rates this year as a correctional measure. Dutch ‘Nexit’ campaigners warned the eurozone will face imminent economic instability.

Now, readers have mocked the EU with one claiming the “spiteful treatment” the bloc showed the UK will lead to Brussels’ downfall.

One reader, Jerboa, commented: “I do laugh at the phrase Little Englanders.

“We have a seat at the top table as the EUSSR does not get invited.

“However you do sit in the next room with the door locked.

“Your spiteful treatment of the UK will lead to your downfall the whole world can see how vindictive and nasty you are being towards the UK.

“Just because we left you are miffed and want us to fail and are trying to make that happen.

“We shall prevail in the end as we have done many times.

“You trolls and remoaners should hang you heads in shame.

“We are a democracy you lot are a cabal of soon to be captured states.

“We have self determination you lot are losing it.”

A second reader, known as Mac123, added: “Europhiles like reminding us how bad we have got it when in fact about 25 countries in the EU have it worse in one way or another.

“Too busy poking fun at the UK to realise their beloved EU is in the doo doo.”

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BBBO01 wrote: “There is something very sinister about the EU having control over countries that are technically bankrupt and therefore have no choice but to comply with political diktats passed down by their overlords.

“This is not how a political union works.

“Threats and bullying will only cause more disharmony which will bring harsher punishment which will cause more disharmony which will …etc etc.”

With Droopy Draws simply saying: “So pleased we left the EU.”

And FreetheEU27 added: “How wise and far-sighted were all those Brave Brexiteers in 2016.

“They stood up to all the lies and nonsense of the Remainlings.

“Standing firm in their resolve to free this country from the clutches of a corrupt and undemocratic EU.

“Imagine the horrendous state we would be in now had we still been shackled to those incompetents in Brussels.

“Also just imagine what is going to happen to the EU27 when inflation really starts to take off.”

Johnpaul wrote: “Good riddance to the failed project.

“It will take years for our country to recover from the trillions our incompetent governments poured into it.”

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